Lightroom Preset Toolkit for Food Photographers



An inventory of over 50 (!) stackable Lightroom presets designed to speed up your RAW editing workflow and create images that feel true to your style (and not like someone else’s).

Lightroom presets are rarely a one-and-done. Each photograph is unique and, as such, the editing process must take this into consideration. What works for one photo isn’t guaranteed to work for every photo. The Lightroom Toolkit is a series of incremental adjustments that accelerate your existing RAW editing workflow. Each preset ‘stacks’ or builds on the previous to create beautiful images. These presets are your starting point and can (and should!) be adjusted to fit your images and lighting conditions.


1/ Are these one-click presets?

No, each preset is a micro-adjustment designed to stack on top of other ones. It’s common to use anywhere from 2 to 10 presets for each image.

2/ Will these work with my photos?

The Toolkit is carefully calibrated to work on any RAW photo and style.

3/ Lightroom Mobile? Photoshop?

The Lightroom Preset Toolkit works in Lightroom Classic, CC and Mobile, and Photoshop (via Camera Raw).

4/ Does it come with instructions?

Yes! Included is a detailed PDF guide with workflow tips, an inventory of all the presets, and examples.



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