The Food Photographer’s Pre-shoot Workbook



Create Beautiful, Effective Client Proposals

A simple yet effective workbook to help food photographers and bloggers ask the right questions so you can crush your photoshoots and keep clients returning for more.

There’s nothing worse than putting your all into your work only for the client to be disappointed. 9 out of 10 times, it isn’t your work but because expectations weren’t aligned. Clear communication is THE key to a successful working relationship, higher client satisfaction, and repeat business.

What’s Inside

The Food Photographer’s Pre-shoot Workbook includes everything you need to ask upfront for more productive commercial and sponsored partnerships. This digital PDF can be white-labeled with your brand (oooooh) and easily edited to help you:

  1. 1/ Confirm the client’s brand and priorities to establish yourself as a value-added member of their team.
  2. 2/ Establish clear timeframes around scope and deliverables to keep channels of communications open.
  3. 3/ Answer questions about exclusivity, content rights, and other facts that affect pricing so you get the amount you deserve.
  4. 4/ Deliberately plan your shot list to get the photos the client needs.
  5. 5/ Think through styling and props details to prevent reshoots.
  6. 6/ Set yourself up for success and to WOW clients!



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